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Outsourcing of Tax Processes

Tax Process Optimisation

Tax Process Optimisation

Only through good tax planning and knowledge of the regulations in force can the amount to be paid in taxes be reduced as much as possible.

The current tax pressure leads us to give increasing importance to the tax management of the company, being as important or more so than any of the management functions, such as the financial, administrative or commercial ones.

Tax planning

Tax statements

Tax settlements

Good tax planning and strategy are keys to optimising the company's financial resources.

Our work is focussed on the following issues:

Defining tax policy and planning operations

Assisting in preparing and filing tax statements affecting our clients

Processing files and deferring tax payments

Assisting, representing and defending clients before tax inspection bodies

Auditing tax statements for companies.

Representing clients in procedures before the different Public Administrations

Other client-specific services

Fiscal representation/power of attorney functions (especially for NON-RESIDENTS without a permanent residence permit)

Processing digital certificates

Planning inheritances

Planning business successions

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Process Optimisation

Administrative process optimization

The evolution of business and the need for more reliable and timely information
has led to the need to outsource certain services that have traditionally been carried out by a company's own staff

The goal is to channel all efforts into the core business of your company.

In our Business Outsourcing Service, we work with our clients to meet their needs and this requires an interaction with management in order to reach their goals.

Outsourcing certain tasks allows organisations to focus on their core business and have access to technology, analysis methods and more qualified personnel in the management areas.

You will have access to all your business, financial, economic and asset information with no need to manage processes. We will define your key performance indicators and analyse the degree of efficiency of your operations.


Providing your company’s management with quality information about your business, adapted to its reality and size.

These processes are conducted by specialised and constantly updated professionals.

We will suggest solutions that allow you to put the emphasis on your CORE BUSINESS by outsourcing those processes that do not add VALUE.


This process is especially oriented to SMALL BUSINESSES that must focus their efforts on their core business and must outsource everything related to the internal organisation.

A system that allows you to CONTROL YOUR OPERATIONS

A system that allows you to focus on your CORE BUSINESS


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